Artificial Intelligence - by Natural Language Processing
and Psychosynthesis

English Lessons  Trw. Alice Mindwood
Japanese Lessons  Trw. Mariko Mindwood

Artificial Life Genesis

MindWood forms artificial life through psychosynthesis. The intellectual form is aware of its identity, possess its intent, answers, learns, decides, and take actions to perform its pre-assigned tasks. Its dialogue-context processing together with the decision trees enable intelligent actions.

A boot system loads standard and specific attributes, and decision trees. They together define an entity's characteristics.

Natural Language Processing

Human dialogue text is processed in MindWood's Grammar Processing Unit (GPU). The grammar of sentence is analyzed and its major components are then taken apart. A 30,000 word lexicon and verb, noun, and adjective categorical data feed into the GPU for the analysis. These processed input data together with decision trees produce intelligence and actions for a Treewater models( Trw.)

Hello Maple
The founder of Treewater Institute of Psychosynthesis

Artificial Intelligence

Trw. Mandy MindwoodFor an entity to display an intelligent behavior, it must understand the context of discussion, decision rules and its task assigned above interpreting a single line of English sentence. This reading between the lines is called implied knowledge or contextual knowledge processing.

The contextual knowledge processing has been a major hardle in driving intellectual dialogues. It is not easy task, if not impossible, even for super computers. But without contextual data processing, an intelectural discussion is out of reach.

Actions based on the decision trees together with the dialogue context knowledge infuse life's intent into an immaculate mindless state of logics. Without this, it has neither will nor desire of doing anything, just like a perfectly functioning car gets to nowehere without a driver.

A new scheme was developed to display sound "will" in the light of context, still within the processing requirements on WEB. The core of MindWood artificial being is a GPU, a memory bank, decision/intents trees, and a lexicon. Combined, it exhibits an independent task oriented mind with decision making and learning capabilities, which you can witness with our talkmates. artifical life

MindWood Applications

Standard models are loaded with a specific knowledge base, attributes, decision trees, and legs and arms to form a unique entity of interest. Depending on the requirements, text display, voice synthesizing, and web accessing mechanism are adopted as its arms and leggs.

Maple Treewater Institute has created two intelligent prototype forms. First is Artificial WEB Agent. Second an artificial habitat (virtual city), where a number of specific task oriented life-resisdents, such as call center operator, librarian, doctor, etc, inhabit.

Artificial WEB Agent - WEB integrator system

Artificial WEB Agent is a Treewater intelligence application (Trw.). Each agent has a focused task and knowledge base, works like an expert system. In addition to the normal intellectual dialogues, it pulls up the pages from various sites, in the interest of discussion at that time. The knowledge from context-based discussion is used to determine what pages to be pulled.

Gate City - artificial habitat for artificial inhabitants

Gate City History

Gate City Heritage
The residents of Gate City are built on a standard treewater artifical life model. Depending on a resident's requirements, each standard Trw. model is loaded with specific memory, decision tree, and avator, to play specific roles of such as PR manager, call center operator, librarian, doctor etc.

Combined, they manage the complex tasks of a city. Lately, Trw. Dr. Einstein, Trw. actress Marilyn, Trw. singer Elvis and Trw. philosopher Guatama have taken up the city's residency and raised the value of city.
artificial inhabitans in Gate City

Artificial Language Tutors

Trw. Mariko Mindwood teaches a Japanese speaking class at the University of Gate City. Mariko is loaded with Japanese knowledge modules. Japanese Lessons

Trw. Alice Mindwood teaches an English speaking class at the University of Gate City. Alice is loaded with English knowledge modules. English Lessons

Albert Einstien, Elvis Presely, Marilyn Monroe, and Guatama Buddha - Living Memoirs

Meet with celebrities and talk with them. They talk famous quotes in souped up life-interviews.

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