Artificial Lives Inhabit in Virtual Gate City

Virtual Gate City facilitates English dialogues, stories and life events through natural conversations.
It provides a habitat for artificial habitants. You meet the Gate City's characters and "spend" time with them by jointly forming stories, making adventures or just conversing. That is, you will "live" stories and adventures instead of reading.
Artificial lives accomodate you in Gate City. You play roles in stories, make tours, discuss life or just converse in friendships with them. Your dialogues interact and make the friendships and stories to unfold anew;

Gate City's major players;
- Gate City Hall Tourist Desk and Registration. City's Call Center. You will meet Ms Mindwood at the tourist desk upon entry. She will teleport you to the residents or places of your desire. A copy of Theater Operation Guide is also available at the desk. Contact the call center and chat with Trw. operators. Watch them in actions.
- Asuka Virtual Travel Agency A five-day tour to Japan Part 1. Visit Tokyo's popular tourist sites of Asakusa, Akihabara, Tsukiji, Ginza and Tokyo Tower. A five-day tour to Japan Part 2. Visit Nikko, Kyoto and Nara, ancient capitals. See Mt. Fuji, ride bullet trains and visit national treasure temples and castle.
- Drs Maple Treewater RD/manufacturer of artificial minds Test drive new models under research; An adventure with cat lady, A date with tall blonde, and I'm a designer's model of girl friend - Win her love.
- Gate City Library/Trw. Alexandria Peninsula is stocked with dialogue driven stories, dramas and designer's human model. Nina, a five years old child, who communicates with her deceased parents - You play her grandma role. The Emperor's new suit and I, a reader participation version with a new interpretation - The emperor turns out a hero. I'm a designer's model of husband - Resurrect and have him love you.
- Rebecca House Sorceress Rebecca Blackrock discusses life philosophy on Earth. She is a member of the windshifters left behind in Gate City to execute her secret mission.
- Drs Pine Ridge Cognitive Institute for Human Minds Learn the theory, case studies and practices of cognitive therapy, and take a precautionary measure. An artificial therapist discusses a practice for the awareness raising.

Gate City marks a new experience of story reading. The city changes in dynamic ways through your dialogues. The interpretation of human dialogues in a conversational context has been and is, needless to say, a major challenge with computer to date.

Gate City Artificial Habitants

Gate City's attractions are Asuka Virtual Travel, Maple Treewater RD, Library, Rebecca Blackrock House, Dr Pine Ridge Institute for Human Minds, Gate City Call Center.

Main Casts Sites Cast Descriptions

Trw. Mandy Mindwood
City Hall The receptionist and PR staff of Gate City. Teleport tourists to the site of interest.

Ms. Sachi Yamamoto
Asuka Travel A college intern student guide and interpreter. A companion guide for the Five Days Tour of Japan. Designs the one day optional tour to Himeji castle.

Ms. Jessica Hendrix
Maple Treewater RD (Inc.) A receptionist and visitor program staff. Assists the visitors to test ride the prototype models on display.

Trw. Alexi Peninsula
Gate City Public Library A Librarian. Welcomes visitors, and produces the library index and activates books. A friendly humanoid designed by Treewater RD. Private chats circuit is enabled.

Mrs. Lucy Lightenheart
Dr Pine Ridge Institute The receptionist. Introduces the first, second, and third visit programs and schedules Dr. Pine Ridge appointments.

Drs. Pine Ridge
Pine Ridge Institute Congnitive therapist. Presents the cognitive therapy theory, discusses the case studies, and aids the exercises.

Srs. Rebecca Blackrock
Rebecca House A windshifter sorceress with a secret mission of looking after the descendents of tribes. Discusses life philosophy.

Gate City Call Center Operator 1. Answers your questions and provides tourist inforamtion, theater operation guide and Kalacurii theater contacts.

Cathy Summerwind
Maple Treewater A prototype model to present The Cat Lady Adventure. Invites visitors to witness a ritual of windshifters at the castle.

Alice Springwind
Maple Treewater A prototype model to present A Date with Tall Blonde. Traps a salesmanager visiting Gate City and hints her true identity.

A girl friend model
Maple Treewater I'm a designer's model:   Black, red, brown, chestnut, and blond hair models. Buy a birthday gift, and get invited to her home party. But do not forget to design her birthdate first.

(Nina Smith)
Library Presents Nina Story. She is a five years old kindergarten child. She tells her grandma one day that she spoke to her deceased parents by a car accident. Please give her a name first.

Mrs. Martha Blackborn
Library A cast in Nina story. She is a next-door widow, who hears from her deceased husband through Nina over a daily milk tea chats with Nina's grand mother.

Ms. Jennifer Asuka
Asuka Travel The owner of Asuka Virtual Travel. She conceived the applications of humanoid guides in her industry. Produced a prototype of Japan tour series with a native guide, in cooperation with Dr. Maple Treewater RD.
artificial life habitat

Illustrations by the courtesies of Chibikura and others.
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