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Hand and Leg Movement

むしるむしるpluck, tear [off]pluck a fowl. weed the garden.
揉むもむto massage
掻き毟るかきむしるscratch off, pluck
手拍子てびょうしbeating time with the hand beat one's hands to a song
挙手きょしゅ raising [holding up] one's hand
抓るつねるpinchpinch oneself to make sure one is not dreaming
撫で回すなでまわすtouch lightly and repeatedly, as with brushing motionsHe stroked his long beard
手招きてまねきbeckoning She beckoned me to come in.
捕らえるとらえるcatchcatch somebody by the hand
取り合うとりあうtake each other's handsThey took each other's hands and wept.
握るにぎるgripHe gripped the steering wheel.
素手すでbare handscatch a fish with one's bare hands.
指差すゆびさすpoint one's forefingerHe pointed toward the house.
撫で付けるなでつけるslickslick down one's hair.
頂くいただく to wear (on one's head); to have (on top) accept something gratefully.
手放すてばなす relinquish, let go offLet go off the hand.
鷲づかみわしづかみgrabbing holdThe original meaning is eagle's grip.
腕まくりうでまくりrolling up one's sleeves
腕組みうでぐみfold one's arms.
握り締めるにぎりしめるsqueeze, grip tightly She squeezed her boyfriend's hand.
取るとるpick up, holdShe picked up her mug.
持つもつholdPlease hold the doornob.
てぶらてぶらempty‐handedShe went on a trip without taking her cloth.
愛撫あいぶcaressingHe caressed her hair gently.
束ねるたばねるbundle, tie up in a bundleShe had her hair tied with a simple ribbon at the back.
頬杖ほうずえresting one's chin on one's hand.
しごくしごくdraw [a piece of cloth] through one's hands [ex to strip off water]
執るとるmanage, write筆を執る straight translation -take up a pen. 指揮を執る conduct [an orchestra]
こまねくこまねく to fold [one's] arms, [meaning to stand by and do nothing; to look on passively ]
掻くかくscratch We scratch ourselves when we itch.
つまむつまむpinchPinch one's nose.
撫でるなでるbrush gentlyShe rubbed her cat's head.
引っ掻く claw, scratchscratche to relieve an itch.
ひねるひねるtwist蛇口を左にひねるturn the faucet to the left
踏むふむstep on,place the footDon't step on the broken glass.
踏ん張るふんばるbrace one's feetBrace one's feet to keep from falling.
踏み切るふみきるtake offPress a foot hard against the ground and jump
踏み出すふみだすstep forward
踏み越しふみこしstep over
踏み締めるふみしめるharden by treading
踏みつけるふみつけるtrample down
じだんだじだんだstamping [one's feet] with frustration
足摺あしずりscraping one's feet
飛び上がるとびあがるspring, jump upI spring with a start.
飛び回るとびまわるjump about Children are jumping about on the grass.
一足飛びいっそくとびone bound leapfrog
跳ね回るはねまわるrompThe children are romping about on the playground.
跳ね上がるはねあがるspring up
飛び跳ねるとびはねるjump up and down
小躍りこおどりjumping for joy She danced with joy.
躍り上がるおどりあがる leap to one's feet
跨ぐまたぐ stride over
跨るまたがるstraddlestraddle a horse
つまずくつまずくstumble overstumble over a stone
蹴るけるkickThe boy kicked the soccer ball.
蹴飛ばすけとばすkick away

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