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カタカナ Japanese katakana alphabet

You have studied Hiragana(ひらがな),Japanese alphabet. There is second set of Japanese alphabet, called Katakana(かたかな). Audio program was completed

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    濁音 alphabet

    あ い う え お
    a  i  u  e  o

    か き く け こ
    ka ki ku ke ko

    さ し す せ そ
    sa si su se so

    た ち つ て と
    ta ti  tu  te  to

    な に ぬ ね の
    na ni nu ne no

    パ ピ プ ペ ポ
    pa pi  pu  pe  po

    ま み む め も
    ma mi mu me mo

    や [い] ゆ[え] よ
    ya  i yu  e  yo

    ら り る れ ろ
    ra ri  ru re   ro

    わ [い][う][え] を
    wa i  u  e  wo


Note, Hirakana ん is expressed in the both a double nn and a single n. A double nn notation is mainly used on this site.
Hirakana ふ is expressed in the both hu and fu notations on this site.

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