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Bushu : (亻) (月) (扌) (氵) (灬) (犭)

Kanji drawing steps.

Japanese write sequenceWe highly recommend a book on how to draw Kanji. It will show you the sequence or strokes of kanji drawing, and tell you how the Kanji are designed. You will find good logics behind in the majority of Kanji design. It would be storing data in your mind without indexing if you don't.

Many Kanji lesson sites provide the sequence of character drawing.
Here is a link to one of them. 漢字書き順アニメーション

The link above produces this screen. This is two or three steps to be followed.
The site lists all kanji learnt in an elementary school by grade. Click one of grades interested to display the screen below.

かんじ 漢字 の書き順 kannji kaki jun  

On Second Screen.
To display the drawing sequence, follow the next steps.
step 1. Click one kanji character on the right, which will be inserted into the window on the left.
step 2. Click "ステップ" button to draw step by step. Click through to learn it. "オート" button will show the whole sequence without pause.

goto the site 漢字書き順アニメーション

The understanding of correct sequence helps one to draw and remember them correct. Many Kanji characters share common drawing parts. Besides, you can read Kanji in hand-writing if you know the sequence of drawing.

Our grade1, 2 and 3 kanji tables also contain the kanji draw (kakijun) illustration of each kanji.

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