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Hirakana drawing steps.

We higly recommend you to write Japanese hirakana in correct drawing steps. It will not only help you to draw clean lettering, but also help you to read someone else's handwriting. Native Japanese commonly reduce the steps or "cut in corner" in the drawing to faster writing. Knowing the correct sequence, your instinct helps you to decipher the "abbreviation". It would be much easier if you start it at the begining.

Figure Hiaraka Drawing Steps -
The figure below shows the hirakana character drawing steps. In generall, the drawing is made from top to bottom, and left to right.

Kanji drawing steps

ひらかな の書き順 hirakana-no kaki jun  

To practice the drawings, print this page and stroke over the drawings.

Hirakana Drill Notebook - drawing steps and shapes for children.

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