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Japanese Self Teaching Tools

We offer unique interactive tools to assist your learning with audio. A conjugation tool helps to identify the verb's conjugation pattern. Some lessons are equipped with powerful "AutoPull" feature where an automatic play-mechanism triggers randomly selected phrases with text and audio. In addition, our comprehensive kanji tools prepare your reading, writing and using skills for business, study, manga and/or visit to Japan ; the kanji draw tool is accessible from all of the pages. Open the kanji search box, copy and paste. It opens a pop-up window so that you can use it on any page. Well, try our unique conversation simulator if you are an intermediate Japanese speaker, or when you are ready to test your kanji skills.

Last but not least, we can't overly emphasize how critical role kanji play in Japanese language. We have observed the kanji skills of visitors made the difference and put their minds at ease on the Japanese streets. With this observation, all of our lessons are centrally geared toward kanji reading so that you'll be ready when you get off an airplane at Narita.

Intermediate Japanese Dialogue Generator System

A system assisted Japanese learning - It suggests and answers Japanese sentences out of 10 thousand examples based on your key word(s). A click on a suggested sentence result in a Japanese answer with English translation. The key word(s) can be either in Japanese or English. This particular practice set is aimed for the conversation between friends and dates, and the contextual constrain is intentionally not enforced.

Japanese Alphabet and Kanji Tool

Fortysix phonetically written characters are used in the Japanese alphabet. They are denoted in three set of character representations, namely hiragana, katakana, and romaji. They have specific roles in a sentence.

In addition, Kanji set (big characetrs), representing word, and sounds, are used clarifying the meaning and improving the readability.

Hirakana only sentences are challenging (even for Japanese natives). It cannot be stressed more for any serious students to start Kanji study as early possible, although it'll be tough going until you understand how they are constructed; we have tools to assist your study.
Kanji Study Aids: Jouyou Kanji Table Lookup, Magnification, Draw Sequence, and Audio tools are found in the Tool Box. The importance of draw sequence cannot be overemphasized. It not only helps you understand its radical, but also place them properly in your memory.

Japanese Phrase Lessons

Learn Japanese phrase lessons. Click the blue letters embedded on the pages, or paste the sentence on an audio box to listen. Complementary Japanese lesson books.Japanese Particles

Banshu Yatai and Himeji castle

姫路城(ひめじじょう)。兵庫県姫路市(ひょうごけん ひめじし)の駅前(えきまえ)にそびえたつ。江戸初期(えどしょき)に構築(こうちく)、白鷺城(しらさぎじょう)とよばれ、現在(げんざい)に残(のこ)る代表的(だいひょうてき)な城(しろ)で、国宝(こくほう)に指定(してい)されています。 姫路市(ひめじし)は東京(とうきょう)から南西(なんせい)へ、新幹線(しんかんせん)で約3時間半(やくさんじかんはん)。 audio

Yatai and Taikodai are seen in the Setonaikai region as well as generally in the West Japan festivity. A few dozens of people carrying a yatai march through the streets, while two to several people often ride on it loudly beating taikos (drums). Yatai and Festivity Pictures
Yatai festival video Miyachou Daibasashi video. (It may take a couple of minutes to download due to high density resolution: M2TS format.)

城 castle, 兵庫県 hyougo prefecture, 姫路市 Himeji city, 駅前 in front of the station, 江戸 Tokugawa era, 構築 construct, 現在に presently, 代表的 representative, 指定 designated,  国宝 national treasure, 南西 south west, 新幹線 bullet train

Bullet Train (audio clip)

新幹線(しんかんせん)。日本(にほん)の交通(こうつう)の大動脈(だいどうみゃく)。本州(ほんしゅう)と九州(きゅうしゅう)を縦貫(じゅうかん)して走(はし)る。その主要路線(しゅようろせん)である東海道線(とうかいどうせん)は、東京駅(とうきょう)から、名古屋(なごや)、京都(きょうと)を通(とお)り新大阪駅(しんおおさか)と毎日(まいにち)大量(たいりょう)の旅行客(りょこうきゃく)やビジネスマンを約2時間半(じかんはん)で運(はこぶ)ぶ。海外(かいがい)からの旅行客(りょこうきゃく)も日帰(ひがえ)りで東京(とうきょう)から京都(きょうと)に観光(かんこう)に出(で)かけている。 Shinnkannsenn audio clip

Japanese Transformer
Understanding how to construct Japanese pattern and the use of particles,

enter a complete simplified sentence,i.e., no conjunction, not just a fragment, etc.
It may sometimes group English sentences into unexpected patterns. When it does, change the choice of verb or nouns until you get a correct interpretation. For example, change "I saw her running" to "I saw him running." - Configure with care since this standalone version donesn't bother with contextual meaning.
Permit Window pop-up if requested. The input can be also entered through [ctrl] -> open input editor. Transformation Charts

Japanese particles, suffixed, control and define the role and meaning of words in a sentence where the sequence of word appearance does in English; you won't find Japanese grammar should you seek it in the sequence. Read How to construct

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